Bogdan Lupescu is a Romanian artist, based in Bucharest. He started his arts carrier early in his life, but he defined his style while preparing for the Academy of Art and during the academic period. A meticulous nature, he took to etching and ink drawing while being very skilled with other mediums as well.

His art is a profound reflection of a fantastic, mythical world in which characters take allegorical forms, a vision of the innersole of the real life characters he encountered in life. Inspired by the great masters – like Rembrant, Van de Velde, Watteau or Robert Hubert, he pays great attention to details while conceiving complex compositions. He easily steps from one medium to another, often using them together to create individual, outlandish works.

His trained eye and skills helped him advance as a fashion and event photographer during the 90s, connecting him with the advertising industry that was just making its way in Romania. He became part of the team of one of the first advertising agencies in Romania, D’Arcy, thus discovering new ways of expression – computer graphics. He fell in love with it and went on to dedicate his time defining his skills in this area, meantime continuing his hand drawn art.

His art was exhibited in galleries around Romania and abroad and you can see his work in product labelling, TV commercials, online, billboards, book covers and book illustration, movie posters and many other advertising and promotional materials.

These days Bogdan Lupescu dedicates most of his time to illustration and graphic art, in general. You can have a sneak pick of his work via his personal facebook page.