Some projects are about people coming together. This one was for sure one of those projects. A short animated winter story that I drew franticly, unfolding on the music of Carsten Lindholm. I loved working on this project and for sure being nominated at the 2016 Anim’est Festival has made it an even greater experience. It is always lovely when you get your work out in the world, for all to see it.

Here is a link to the animation’s page on the festival’s website:


Fantastic winter story, about a quest and relationship, seen through a child eye

Some picture from the competition screening via facebook:

Synopsis:  Punjabboogie is a seasonal story of coming together, imagined in the mystical atmosphere of the cold Bucharest winters. While enjoying the warmth of the house and listening to the rhythms of the Punjabboogie song, the mind dwells at the deep cold silence of the snow falling over the city.

Many thanks to Mircea Lăcătuș, Liliana Lupescu, Teodora Chicoș and Laurențiu Chicoș.